Sneak Peek – woof!

If you’re in San Diego, you know how awesome the weather was last weekend.
It’s also quite likely that you went to the beach. Check out that pic up there.
See how crowded it was in La Jolla on Sunday afternoon??

There were quite a few challenges for this session:
-The crowds. Sometimes I’m spoiled by an empty beach. Sometimes I’m not. Gotta be ready to deal with whatever we have when we show up.
-An early start time because of teenager work schedules that couldn’t be changed (he works at In n Out — Mat’s DREAM JOB!). This, along with our late sunsets, made the light really bright and harsh, but that can be dealt with!
-Dogees! Dogees are fun, but on a crowded day, it is a little harder than having the beach all to ourselves. (dogs are allowed on the beach in San Diego after 4pm, by the way)

The fun elements of this session outweighed the benefits, BIG TIME:
-The sunny skies. LOVE me some San Diego Sunshine — no matter what time of day!
-The dogees’ love of water — FUN!
-A low tide gave us some awesome rock faces for portraits in the shade AND some really cool tidepools for exploring — really neato!

Speaking of shady spots for portraits, here’s one of m favorites:

When I was working on these pictures inside Lightroom, I was having a TON of fun with the new TOTALLY RAD presets — very very cool stuff!

I’ll have those to share with you tomorrow… don’t touch that dial!
(Ok, you can touch it… just be sure to come back tomorrow)

2 Responses to “Sneak Peek – woof!”

  1. Gina Higgins says:

    I love Totally Rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your picture’s are awsome!!

  2. Christina says:

    Just Fabulous!…you do rock:)