About Carey

Thanks for visiting my blog!
I'm Carey Schumacher, the owner of San Diego Barefoot Memories.

Random facts about me…

I love:
Steak, Diet Coke (from a fountain! from a can, Diet Dr. Pepper is better), eating out, walking to pick my kids up from school, music (I would love to be a chorus member of a WICKED production, and in my dreams, I'm Elphaba), and the occasional strawberry lemondrop martini.

I really don't like:
Laundry, doing dishes, beer, R&B music, Pepsi, and seafood.

a bit more…
My images have been published in every U.S. newsstand photography magazine and won multiple international photography awards. I've spoken across the country to photographers and to photography enthusiasts, teaching photography and business strategies to thousands. Families come from all corners of the country for a Barefoot Memories photoshoot. I have been featured on NBC, FOX, KUSI, and KOGO here in San Diego.

But I'd still choose a soccer game with my kids over a photo session as my favorite way to spend an afternoon.

Here's my latest print ad for Mpix, and I have no problem admitting that I used Photoshop on myself!

I'm working on getting my other appearances up on YouTube for you… hopefully I'll have that done before my kids are in college!