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Save $72 on Zenfolio : promo coupon code: barefoot-20

Zenfolio is a great way to display, share, and sell your photos! Zenfolio coupon code: barefoot-20 Zenfolio promo code: barefoot-20 Zenfolio discount code: barefoot-20 Whether you’re a pro or an enthusiast, Zenfolio is the best online gallery system out there. If you want to fill your own orders with NO FEES or offer upscale items that […]

iPhone blogging

Hi there! I’m blogging from my iPhone, but not for any fun exciting reason. Sigh…. My website was hacked last week, and because of the hack, Google added barefoot-memories to their “black list.” Most web browsers (like Internet Explorers or Firefox) and a lot of anti-virus systems check Google’s black list and block those sites. […]

Give the Gift of Barefoot Memories! SALE!

Need a gift idea for Christmas?? It’s coming up FAST, but here’s a great gift idea: A Barefoot Memories family photography session! You’re going to want pictures next year… think Valentines Day, or Mother’s Day, or a birthday coming up! I’ve never done this before, but I’m offering a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of sessions at […]

Christmas Card Drawing Prize #1: ZooGue iPad case

Amazing! I have FOUR cool prizes to give away this year for my annual Christmas Card drawing! For this drawing every year, I always choose my favorite things on the planet, and this year I REALLY wanted to give away an iPad! Alas, Apple wouldn’t give me one for my little contest (insert pouty face), […]

MyPerfectPet holiday photos on Fox

This morning I got up at the ungodly hour of 3am to prepare for my TV segment on Fox5 San Diego. I curled my hair, put on some makeup, tried to choose a decent outfit, and headed up to Poway in the darkness for the 5am call time. My segment wasn’t until 7:20am, but they […]

Kubota RPG Speedkeys for Lightroom

QUESTION FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: What’s your biggest beef with Lightroom? Think hard. What can you do oh so quickly in Photoshop that you can’t do in Lightroom? I’ll answer the question for myself: KUBOTIFY a picture with a single press of a key! (Check me out! I made up a new verb!) In Photoshop, I can […]

Beauty in Balboa Park

This Balboa Park beauty is a a skydiving fire-hot software developer, and she needed some headshots & bio shots for a new business she’s launching. PERFECT fit for a Mini Platinum session! I used Kubota’s VINTAGE DELISH Lightroom presets for the color treatments, along with the basic V3 PRESETS for color correction & skin softening. […]

New toys! “Vintage Delish” & preset PLAYLISTS

My intention had always been to show you a bunch of client images from this summer, but today I played around with some new Lightroom tools, and I just can’t keep quiet about HOW COOL they are! I’ve been using these “Vintage Delish” on my images from Sunday’s Mini Platinum on Coronado, and I’m totally […]

Soccer Nation World Cup Promo

Those are some cool looking boys, huh!?! That’s the project I’ve been working on for the last month or so, and I’m SO HAPPY with these final results! I’ve been working with the launch crew for SOCCERNATION.COM to create some awesome material to promote their site launch. The folks in charge of the site got […]

$65 Mother’s Day Special: Wednesday Apr 14th, 5:30-6:30pm

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR SESSION! This is RARE, folks! I hardly EVER have sessions in the afternoon on weekdays. Even more crazy is the PRICE for these Mother’s Day Special sessions next Wednesday: $65!! Yup, Sixty-five dollars! (KIDS ONLY, 1 or 2 children. For family pictures, book a Mini Platinum) Next Wednesday, while Mat […]

And the winner is… (and some tips for photographers)

Carrie Butler! CHECK OUT HER BLOG in the next few days, because she’s got a Triple Scoop certificate to give away! Wondering what’s up with that Photoshop screenshot up there?  That is what I had to do to find Carrie’s email address! CARRIE!  You’re killing me!  There’s no email address anywhere on your website except […]

Win Win! You can win a prize & then give a prize!

Yesterday I announced an awesome deal for a new Zenfolio system. (a year for $72 instead of $100 — code: barefoot-72) A new feature with Zenfolio is the ability to have MUSIC in your slideshows, and they’ve partnered with Triple Scoop Music to offer some great tunes!  Of course, you can upload your own music […]

Deals for photographers AND families!

Next week most schools in San Diego are on SPRING BREAK! …but not mine… My kids’ Spring Break doesn’t start until April 2nd. SO, next week my kids will be in school, and yours WON’T! PERFECT TIME for a Mini Platinum session! You’ll have awesome pictures with plenty of time to make great Mother’s Day […]

20% off Jill-e bags through 3/31! code: CareyS20wppi

CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE JILLE ONLINE STORE! CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE JILLE ONLINE STORE! If you missed out on all of the WPPI show specials in Vegas, NO WORRIES! I’ve got you covered! Here’s a coupon code for 20% OFF: CareyS20wppi This will be an even better deal than some of those show […]

Zenfolio does it again

Zenfolio came out with an awesome update yesterday, and they included some sweet sweet features! For example, now you can choose favorites inside a gallery and share them with your photographer or your friends. Can someone please go into that gallery of mine, choose some favorites, & share ’em??? I’m dying to get a “favorites” […]

A special somethin’ somethin’ for digital pro photogs

I’ve been prepping for WPPI all week, and today I sent off a .zip file to the MpixPRO folks. If you’re a photographer who gives your clients a disk of images, you’re going to like what’s in this zip file! It will let you take an image from this: to this:

Huge Sale from Mpix & New stuff from Jill-e. It’s a busy day!

Did you get the email from Mpix?? (pretty picutres, huh?) They decided to run an AWESOME sale: 50% off 8×10 prints! That means an 8×10 print is only 99 cents.  (That’s lower than Costco’s prices — for BETTER quality) Get your order in by Saturday! As I type this, I’m trying to blast through a […]

The annual Thirst Relief Auction starts Feb 16!

WPPI is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for the annual Thirst Relief Auctions! This will be my third year as a mentor in the auctions and my fourth year bidding on the auctions. Just like I have before, I’ve called on my awesome sponsors & favorite vendors. I need their help […]

Family Reunion Sessions!

Barefoot Memories Family Reunion Sessions are available! I’m very excited to announce the easy way to book your Barefoot Memories Family Reunion session! Straightforward pricing.  Casual atmosphere.  Everyone gets the family photos they want.  AND group pictures for everyone!

Mentoring available! one-on-one, just you & me!

Teaching photography workshops is awesome. Speaking at photography tradeshows is a blast. Appearing on TV to talk about photography is cool, too. Workshops, tradeshows, and appearances are a great way to help others in a group setting, and I’ve got a lot of that coming up this year (stay tuned). BUT, I’m finally launching what […]

Just checking in…

There’s a little voice in my head (he kinda sounds like Kiefer Sutherland), and he’s yelling at me in his sexycool devil-may-care Jack Bauer way: “STEP AWAY from the computer, and nobody will get hurt!”

The Barefoot Memories Christmas Movie is online!!

Every December I create a slideshow with images from throughout the year. This year, I got an email from Animoto with an ADORABLE Christmas greeting motif, and it was too enticing to pass up! I chose a piano arrangement of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Vicky Emerson. She is AWESOME and gave me […]

Do you dream of being a pro photographer? Time to SOAR!

Do you have a passion for taking great pictures & a desire to be a professional photographer? Are you a little (ok, maybe a LOT) intimidated by the daunting task of starting your own business? You need to apply for Mera’s SOAR scholarship!! Go to that site and watch Mera’s video! Then go to the […]

Christmas is coming … time for the Christmas slideshow!

The wind is whipping around outside my windows, and I could be mistaken, but it seems like WATER is falling from the sky! One of my Seattle buddies tells me this strange phenomenon is called “RAIN” Since it’s a wintery wet kind of day, I thought it would be a great time to start working […]